Sharyn Bovat KNEW the "Renault Three" were INNOCENT & she spoke up  luckily "someone" listened.  NOW Sharyn would like "someone" to give her FREEDOM.  
???  Can "we" land.     Thank You and Have a Great Day!!!   Peace and Respect   Sharyn Bovat

Message to Tavares

The current Renault share price tells us that Renault as a whole is worth less than the value of the stake that Renault holds in Nissan.   therefor e Renault is WORTHLESS!!!  Please see exerpt from article below.



  “French automaker Renault reported that first-half vehicle sales fell ... It said it also performed well in Iran, with sales up 70 percent…” AFP Laurie Fillon 7/11/11


I’m getting ready to speak at Tea Party rallies and I was asked by one of their representatives to explain how buying a NISSAN was supporting Iran and those that want to KILL American soldiers.  This is MY response:


Khomeini’s using Renault car platforms for missiles.  The Iranian government seems to have a “healthy” economy and with Renault “existing” as a car maker and sharing resources with NISSAN via their Alliance indirectly the American car consumer is economically supporting a regime that wants American’s dead.  Therefore buying a NISSAN is showing “indirect” support for Islamic terrorist.


31/01/09 19:22 

France and Iran have LOTS of History.....

So Do France and Lebanon....??? anyone hear of Hezbulla....

This article is about the "friendship" between Paris and Tehran     Can't you just FEEL the LOVE......  It's complicated but the FRENCH have ALWAYS used Iran as a tool to "feel" more powerful than they really are.....   Sorry Paris....  You might have fancier food and bettter Art but AMERICA is truly on the SUPER POWER list ....

Now Paris and France are Friends but Iran wants Americans Dead.  They HATE what we stand for and that Freedom & Democracy!!!

This article tells how Iran is helping America's enemies:
Iran funnels new weapons
to Iraq and Afghanistan
 Daily Caller -
Jay Solomon - Jul 3, 2011The Revolutionary Guard has smuggled rocket-assisted exploding projectiles to its militia allies in Iraq, weapons that have already resulted in the deaths ...


Because of the “Friendly” relationship between Paris and Tehran MORE of these boxes are coming to America…..


NISSAN My Battle of Human Decency Has taken a Shift_           

American Troops Matter!!!!


“Nothing could highlight Renault’s deficiency more graphically than the way that the stock market values the company. The current Renault share price tells us that Renault as a whole is worth less than the value of the stake that Renault holds in Nissan. Meaning of course that the great multi national Renault is worth less than nothing…..Tavares is 53 and Portuguese. He has been around Renault a bit. He did the Clio platform and was the Megane project director before doing five years in Japan and America on strategy and general management. Now he has got the heavy burden of shifting the whole alliance onwards. Company CFO Dominique Thormann refers to him lightly as “my new best-friend”.


Thought to Carlo Tavares,


 “if” Mr. Thormann is “your new best friend”…. Then obviously I Misunderstood you.  I “thought” you were ethical.  I’m loyal to my country and to “who I work for”…..  I “thought” you were a man of honor.  Every since I went to Portugal during the Carnation Revolution I had an enormous RESPECT for the Portuguese… That is on my blog.


???  Maybe by moving “your lily pad” back to Paris you’ve taken on traits of the French.   Lovely people in Paris ….I respect the residents of France But when it comes to being “loyal” to their Allies I was told by some of the brightest American intelligence elite that “The French only make things complicated.   They are NOT always "team" players.


It seems like my hair color has changed less over the years than WHO the French allies with.    It seems like leadership in Paris is nothing but a bunch of flip flopping “twits”…..  Libya would have been a “trivia question” had the Americans taken charge.    We’re funding 70+ % of NATO and the whole “conflict” has turned into a diplomatic mess that’s starting to look like Paupers Stew.


Next time YOU see President Sarkozy please tell him to “make a ‘plan’ and stick to it.  The fact is that countries that drops bombs need leader with Balls.....that don't quiver”  Mr. Tavares it's OK quote me word for word.    

Mr. Tavares YOU used my blog as a “tool” to get a promotion.   I knew the Renault 3 were INNOCENT and I fought for them….  I need someone to “fight for me”.    There are “no balls” in America’s White House or at the Tennessean they have allowed for "my story to go unreported"   I WANT my constitutional rights that have been taken away and since "my people" helped make Portugal a democracy YEARS ago I’m counting on YOU.   GET IT!!!


I want “my life back”.  I don’t give a rats ass about NISSAN I just want FAIRNESS.   

Keep your corrupt North American Good Ole Boys that discriminate….  OMG!!!  the article above says Dominigue Thorman "thinks of Tavares as his new best friend".  


Someone had to "approve funds" and let the  spy scandal happen...  It's a French "twist" that is unacceptable to HUMAN DECENCY!!!


Mr. Tavares be prepared that when you do take over the “whole enchilada” NISSAN might be worth on paper what Renault is worth today.  Americans don’t like to be “taken advantage of” and I got a call yesterday that PROVES that Carlos Ghosn is a man that “walks with evil”…..   read between the lines and


Have a Great Day!!





U.S. Accuses Iran of Pact With al Qaeda

Wall Street Journal - Jay Solomon - 8 hours ago

But Tehran, anticipating the US troop withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan, has been moving increasingly to assert its regional influence. Iran has helped ...

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EDITORIAL: White House admits war with Iran

Washington Times - Jul 14, 2011

“We are very concerned about Iran and the weapons they are providing to ... London Sunday Times reported that Iranian front companies in Afghanistan funnel ...



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