Sharyn Bovat KNEW the "Renault Three" were INNOCENT & she spoke up  luckily "someone" listened.  NOW Sharyn would like "someone" to give her FREEDOM.  
???  Can "we" land.     Thank You and Have a Great Day!!!   Peace and Respect   Sharyn Bovat


"I got a PROOF that the technology used for the Leafs battery is the same s the NISSAN Altra from the 90’s the only difference is the battery now is “flat” and the cells are built like layers in a wedding cake and it’s different than the Altra version that was coil/spiral.  Everything else is the same.  So basically Ghosn got the DOE money and instead of having something “viable” he called the old battery "the new battery" which was deemed NOT cost effective in the 90’s worse it was deemed a disaster economically for NISSAN. "

Three men at Renault were accused of being spies for “questioning” the EV strategy.   In North America I was told the EV was to be a “failed” Obama program.   I told Mr. Tavares about at strategy called “Failure of Power”..  Knowing that Ghosn has “deep rooted” ties to Iran and the Middle East  People MUST ask this Question:  ???  Who would NOT want the EV to succeed.

 From Wiki about the Government in Lebanon...... 
In November 2009, Hezbollah pressured a private English-language school to drop excerpts from The Diary of Anne Frank, a book of the writings from the diary kept by the Jewish child Anne Frank while she was in hiding with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands,[after Hezbollah's Al-Manar television channel complained, asking how long Lebanon would "remain an open arena for the Zionist invasion of education"?

~Sharyn Bovat Learned about the Middle East by GOING to the Middle East~

Years ago a guy in uniform serving America at an American “administrative center” (basically an 'unofficial' military base)  in Bahrain told me that “Christian Lebanese business men were ‘talented’...they controlled the country. The successful ones could “blow” a Sunni while jacking off a Shiite.”  YES the language is “vulgar” ...  but boys talk tough when their defending democracy and America’s interest overseas

Another guy said "Lebanese arms dealer slither and their only loyalty is to the greenback".....   

Also said to me “Hezbollah loving bastards want Americans dead and we have to keep our “eyes” open when dealing with TERRORIST. “

Funny thing.... People at the American Embassy were "friends" with Hezbollah supporters and a "well known" Lebanese "journalist"even hosted a group of foreign service officers to a New Years Eve Party.   The FRENCH champagne flowed.....

It was confusing to talk to US soldiers who had a "different" opinion of the pro Shite groups/allies.   The opinion they had was those groups "linked" to Iran wanted to KILL Americans.

Why does the French Government close their “eyes” at terrorist?
 Why would Carlos Ghosn who according to WIKI is considered a "presidential" contender someday in Lebanon? A man who has negotiated LOTS of deals with IRAN, a country that's strategic resource is the worlds dependence on OIL ...  Why would a "friend" of Iran want to be the LEADER in the Electric Car market?

Well,  Carlos Ghosn has brought a car to market that does NOT meet expectations.    EV experts KNOW the NISSAN Leaf is simply "dinasour" technology.  

I was told the Leaf would be a "failed" Obama program by those at NISSAN North America and I was told it would be "Haley Barbours ticket to the White House."  Haley Barbour has "opted out" of the race for 2012.    

Now Ford is introducing an EV that has a better battery & has created a charging scheme that will not cost the American taxpayers


My hope it the EV will be a success DESPITE Ghosn’s efforts to sabatoge it.

I got a PROOF that the technology used for the Leafs battery is the same s the NISSAN Altra from the 90’s the only difference is thebattery now is “flat” and the cells are built like layers in a wedding cake and it’s different than the Altra version that was coil/spiral.  Everything else is the same.  So basically Ghson got the DOE money and instead of having something “viable” the old battery which is called  "the new battery"  was deemed NOT cost effective in the 90’s worse it was deemed a disaster econoically for NISSAN and some of the drivers back then “loved” their Altra ... an SVP wife didn’t want to give hers up.   BUT like most of the other EV’s from that era is was doomed for demolition.  OK.... I have lots more....   

Truly I hope that “some” American innovates “real” solutions for America to lessen our dependence on rogue nations that thrive by their oil exports.

I just sent Mark Silverman an email asking him to do a “fact check”... it’s been rumored that some of Ghosn’s relatives are “in bed” with Hezbollah.  A Jewish man today said if that’s true then he’ll never “drive” in a NISSAN.... EVER!!!  

Someone should tell Bloomberg....  Lots of Jews in NYC and he’s a good mayor.....   I’d hate to see “issues” on his new taxi decision.   

NISSAN   it’s time for RESPECT!!!!

This is WHY I do NOT think it’s a good idea for Anti-tank missiles to be sent to Lebanon.

Mikati’s cabinet, which was formed on June 13 and dominated by a Hezbollah-led alliance, was granted parliament’s vote of confidence July 7.

Lebanese and Israeli troops exchanged fire near Aadaiseh after Israel attempted to cut down a tree in a contested location near the border.

-NOW Lebanon

To read more:
Only 25% of a given NOW Lebanon article can be republished. For information on republishing rights from NOW Lebanon:

 2011 government collapse

In early January 2011, the national unity government collapsed after all ten opposition ministers and one presidential appointee resigned due to tensions stemming from the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which was expected to indict Hezbollah members in the assassination of former prime minister Rafic Hariri.[57] The collapse plunged Lebanon into its worst political crisis since the 2008 fighting, and indicated further political gains for the Hezbollah-led opposition March 8 Alliance, which gained a parliamentary majority. The parliament elected Najib Mikati, the March 8 candidate, Prime Minister of Lebanon, making him responsible for forming a new government.[58]

UPDATE   the “hezbolla” friendly Mikati named a guy Fayez Ghosn to be the Minister of Defense.....    ???  How many people with the last name of Ghosn in Lebanon.... isn’t it like the size of Rhode Island.   THIS HAS to BE CHECKED OUT!!!!

That would be like an ally of America “caving” to the Nazi’s in WW2....   loops... didn’t that happen with the French.... then we had to “sacrifice” American troops to save that county.  

???  How many “bail outs” do we give the French from “their” bad foreign policy decision.

COURAGE COUNTS!!!!           President Obama it’s time to Fight for our Allies

The “end result” will be saving the lives of American troops.  No Longer can America give subsidies to companies that do business with Iran.  It’s time to make them pick a team....

The Lebanese and French MUST be loyal “if” they want America to “watch their backs”.


Pro-Syrian Al-Marada party re-surfaces with a revised platform

Beirut's daily AS SAFIR published the main guidelines of the new group's political platform (June 9) which first stressed that Lebanon is a final state for all its citizens, has an Arab identity and is totally sovereign on all its national territory. It has a free political system based on consensual democracy and national coexistence.

The party stresses that true and real balance protects national coexistence along with respecting public freedoms. It rejects all projects for resettling Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, stressing their right of return to their homeland.

The party asserts that Israel is the enemy of all Lebanese and Lebanon is committed to the stance of the Arab League with regard to the Middle East conflict. The party rejects all kinds of partition or federalism while stressing the unity of Lebanon at all levels. The new party also called for boosting free economy, safeguarding free teaching, improving public schools and seeking to unify educational curricula in order to boost national integration and harmony.
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