Sharyn Bovat KNEW the "Renault Three" were INNOCENT & she spoke up  luckily "someone" listened.  NOW Sharyn would like "someone" to give her FREEDOM.  
???  Can "we" land.     Thank You and Have a Great Day!!!   Peace and Respect   Sharyn Bovat

Carlos Tavares Renault is a Website about Respect for ALL People

Mr. Tavares..... That INCLUDES the NISSAN Whistleblower.....     Congratulations on the promotion  :):)   Win~Win 

If I can't trust Carlos Tavares NOBODY should….I was just told he LIED to me?  He won't be the first man to have lied to me someone at Peugeot let me know.   Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599


Click Here to Read About Renault/NISSAN Whistleblower 

Message to Carlos Tavares:  Thank you for having the courage to 

"try" to make Renault and NISSAN more ethical.   If the world had more CEO's & COO like you it would be healthier.  Wishing you LOTS of races in fast cars - Godspeed Sharyn:):)

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If Sharyn Bovat gets killed investigate the CIA & Carlos Ghosn.
something in America is NOT kosher.  The
NISSAN whistleblower deserves RESPECT!

The original protest blog:

Former Ganett editor connected to murdered CIA field chief:

The NISSAN Whistleblower website: 
 This man in the "tux" knew the Lebanese were involved with Lockerbie 'cover up' 

“I believe that the Lockerbie plane crash 'cover up' was orchestrated by the Lebanese.  Iran ordered the bombing, they could have had support from Libya.  The 'cover up' was done as a form of ‘housekeeping’ between presidential administrations.”
Sharyn Bovat the NISSAN Whistleblower

???  Renault hasn’t been doing too well....Yet the

French keep Carlos Ghosn as Chairman
???  Why

France  REMEMBER I (Sharyn Bovat) was right about the Renault Three being innocent.   Gaddafi is a bad man and cruel to his people & so is Ghosn.

???  Why is he still CEO.

A GOP adviser chimes in: The Jewish vote is in play because Barack Obama put it in play by establishing the most hostile public posture of an American President toward the State of Israel since George H.W. Bush.”….  The Washington Post J. Rubin.

Reagan administration (1981–1989)
Pro-Israeli organizations in the United States characterized the Reagan Administration (and the 100th Congress) as the "most pro-Israel ever" and praised the positive overall tone of bilateral relations. George H.W Bush administration (1989–1993) 
Secretary of State James Baker told an American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC, a pro-Israel lobby group) audience on May 22, 1989, that Israel should abandon its "expansionist policies," a remark many took as a signal that the relatively pro-Israel Reagan years were over. 

Remember the BUY AMERICAN Mindset in the Early 90's and in 2003.....

Discrimination is WRONG and was ignored by Carlos Ghosn BUT even worse is supporting Iran which is what Renault does.   Iran is sending arms to assist in KILLING American  Soldiers and shoppers in "my country" will Fight Back  by buying a GM VOLT or FORD EV !!!

Proof that Women in Management at NISSAN North American Went from 20.9% to 10% .... Now that NISSAN is up to 12% they're saying MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
???  Why has the Liberal Media IGNORED Discrimination  Ooops I also whistle blew on bad spending in reference to President' Obama's "Pet Project".    Which by the way I WANT to succeed. OMG!!!  I sent Carlos Tavares numerous email saying that.  Please Liberal "Green" Elite...I want Energy Independence & simply  I want the "bad spenders at NISSAN to "move on" and spend tax money on R & D
Fiscal Year 2006 NISSAN Had 20.9% Women in Management
Fiscal Year 2007 NISSAN Had 13% Women in Management (After the move to TN)
Fiscal Year  2008 NISSAN Had 10% Women in Management
Good News When I Whistleblower in EARLY 2009 on Being Told "Skirts Don't Speak" on the Executive Floor at 
NISSAN MORE "skirts" were hired 
Fiscal Year 2009 NISSAN Had 12% Women in Management and NOW NISSAN Says it has Achieved It's Goal...that makes me MAD!!!

The company that's making the ChaDeMo Fast Chargers is ALSO subsidizing Nuclear Weapon Research.... Which might be OK since North Korea is so close.  ???   Should the American People be purchasing chargers for mass use that ONLY work on Japanese cars and NOT the FORD EV.  

The Public has had a PULSE check and once MY story gets out: 

Obama can't make the press silent forever...  I've already got Gannett "on notice"  I have a recording of a Pulitzer Prize nominee admitting that the story has been "held".  

Odds are President Obama is OUT in less than two years.   His "shovel ready" green jobs proved to be "manure"  & the "crappy" car Ghosn sold the taxpayer will be part of the reason for his demise. 

In the "real world" it gets about 60 miles per charge.  Thormann told Congress it would get 100 miles per charge and WORSE it gets LESS on the highway going 70mph & if the A/C is on it gets about 30-35 miles per charge before "turtle mode". 

The Volt gets 40 mpc and has a back up gas engine.  The VOLT won't leave people stranded or waiting 20 minutes for a "fast charge" that will give them an 80% charge.  More important the VOLT does NOT need the taxpayers to pay for infrastructure that is going to be considered "Beta" technology REAL SOON!!!





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